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  • Major in Information Design

Major in Information Design

Features of the course

“Designing” information

To convey information in a clear and accurate manner, it is important to know how people understand information and how to represent it clearly to meet its intended purpose. In the Major in Information Design, students will learn the skills to properly design and use information technology for individuals and society. Women’s ability to sense the perspective of users and consumers is strongly required in our information-based society. We lead our students to develop not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills capable of “designing information”.

Design Core and System Core

The students will select subjects from two categories of subjects called Design Core and System Core according to their individual career options. The Design Core includes subjects for designing and expressing information and the System Core includes subjects for putting the design into practice. Both cores will help students develop their abilities to analyze, design, build and express information to meet its intended purpose.

Theoretical knowledge on information technology and information design

To gain theoretical knowledge on information technology, students will learn its structure and basic theory such as computers and computer networks that play crucial roles in society. To gain theoretical knowledge on information design, students will learn the significance of design by gaining a better understanding of communication among people as well as relationships between people and products, through cognitive science and social science.

Practical information technology skills

The practical information technology skills allow students to realize their ideas by creating computer programs which demonstrate their creations. The students will be equipped with applied and practical skills in multimedia processing, network programming and database programming by learning the basic and applied skills in C language for advanced programming as well as object-oriented language.

Seminars for both theoretical and practical aspects of information design

From the third year of the course onward, students will be offered discussion-based seminars between students and teachers. The students can choose from a wide range of seminar topics including: “human-oriented themes” such as the structure of human sensitivity, the ability to recognize figures, and intellectual functions. Methods of design and problem solving, simulation technologies, and the application of information processing to such everyday uses as robot control and mobile phone systems are also among the discussion-based seminar topics.

For prospective students

We believe that the world is looking for people with the ability to actively respond to changes in society, which means the abilities to identify problems and solve them on their own. You will, over the course of four years, have the opportunity to acquire these abilities. Our graduates are playing active roles in many fields of society including system engineering, computer graphics/programming and information education. Four years is not a long time, but it is a span of time that may add the most value to your life. We hope you will join us to work to achieve your full potential.

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