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About the Faculty

A Message from the Dean

Equip yourself with “the skills to assess the quality of information”

In today’s advanced information society, electronic media including computers and mobile phones as well as communication tools such as the Internet have become an integral part of our lives not only for communications among family and friends, but also for study, work and leisure. We must deal with a barrage of information from all directions. Being exposed to far more information than we can possibly cope with, it is crucially important to develop our abilities to think and select reliable and useful information for ourselves and identify problems we may desire to solve based on the information we have gathered.

The mission of the Department of Social Information Studies is to inspire students to develop into independent individuals who are capable of effectively responding to the challenges in life, with a keen awareness of their environment and the ability to utilize many types of information. This is accomplished by providing them with opportunities to develop the skills to organize and use information as well as to solve problems; which are required to function successfully in the advanced information society of the 21st century. We also seek to develop individuals who play active roles in many areas of society by effectively using the most reliable information to set a path for their own lives and engage in harmonious communication with others.

The information society has rich potential to promote women’s participation and inspire individuals to fulfill their potential. It is necessary to create a society where individuals can give full play to their creativity and imagination while contributing to society with their abilities to evaluate the quality of information and fully utilize their problem-solving skills.

I look forward to working with you on these challenges.

Dean of the Department of Social Information Studies
Ito Masanao
Dean of the Department of Social Information Studies Ito Masanao